Association Objectives

The general objectives of the EUVEKUS:

  1. We want to inform patients and the general public about the health benefits, for primary prevention of illness, and early diagnosis of serious pathologies such as cancer, through the development and use of the Clinical Ultrasound Screening as a cheap, easy to use, without side effects, with high accuracy and diagnostic results similar to more complex investigations such as X-Ray techniques.
  2. Specific training of physicians and staff with a medical or technical formation, linked to ultrasounds to practice ultrasonography at high-quality standards and development of research on General Ultrasound, by creating the support of national and international multicenter studies and research networks.
  3. Medical education/training to improve General Ultrasonography and development of modern techniques among family physicians and other ambulatory specialists (focus groups, workshops, conferences, symposia, courses on ultrasound topics, Telemedicine, ultrasound guidelines, medical publications, ultrasound books).
  4. Developing of some "ultrasound diagnostic algorithms" called "The Smart Ultrasound Software" as the infrastructure to conduct this investigation based on internationally validated diagnostic guidelines. We want to promote and use Clinical Ultrasonography such as the Point of Care Ultrasonography in primary and outpatient medicine, by a larger number of family physicians or specialist physicians for the enhancement of medical quality and diagnostic accuracy at a greater number of patients treated ambulatory, thereby contributing to lowering costs in the health care system and to avoid the overcrowd of emergency hospitals.
  5. Management of the Primary Care Group's activities and results from ultrasonographic research for promotion or collaborations with other specialties multidisciplinary) within national and international medical societies: DEGUM, EFSUMB, WONCA, EGPRN, EURACT.
  6. Dissemination of general ultrasound information among family physicians and other specialists from outcare health, and develop to a more effective ways of communication and learning for easier assimilation of ultrasound techniques and advanced medical technology.
  7. Basal courses in general ultrasound for students, family doctors and other ambulatory specialists without general ultrasound certification.


Specific objectives of the EUVEKUS:

  1. Identifying information needs / medical education/training/research for the development of general ultrasound among family doctors.
  2. Establishing topics or themes of ultrasound study on the specific problems of family doctors and other ambulatory specialists (Screening, Diagnostic, Therapeutic).
  3. Making specific projects - (screening, analysis and dissemination of information, research, medical guidelines, diagnostic algorithm, innovative medical support software, continuing medical education or continuing professional development).
  4. Dissemination and implementation results to family doctors and other ambulatory specialists for conducting clinical studies into the evidence-based medicine.
  5. Increasing the quality of the medical act by completing clinical examinations with the Point of Care Ultrasonography, for visualizing organs and pathology, and increasing diagnostic precision in primary and outpatient care based on validated protocols.
  6. Identification and implementation of "standards of practice" for use and training in the Ultrasonography and various new medical technologies applicable in outpatient medicine under current legislation.
  7. Information, dissemination, and implementation of new modern ultrasonographic methods (Doppler, Elastography, 4D) in patients and the general public, with both of the
    benefits and the limits of their performance, for the early diagnosis of diseases through mass media: the web page, leaflets, medical journals, books, TV shows, etc.

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