► Europäische Vereinigung für die Entwicklung von Klinischen Ultraschalluntersuchungen im Ambulanten Gesundheitswesen. ► EUVEKUS

► European Association for the Development of Clinical Ultrasonography in Ambulatory Health Care (Outpatient Health Care). ► EADUS


     Created in 2017, the EUVEKUS (EADUS) is a non-profit, non-patrimonial, independent association with its own legal personality, established in accordance with the provisions of the Gesamte Rechtsvorschrift Vereinsgesetz 2002, Fassung vom 02.09.2017, consists of a lot of family doctors practicing ultrasonography with competency and certified in general ultrasound and other ambulatory specialists practicing clinical ultrasound, who are working in urban and rural areas, from all regions of Europe

     The EUVEKUS headquarters is in Wien, 1200 - Wolfsaugasse street no. 2-4, Austria, having as President and Founding Member: Dr. Mihai IACOB (Family Medicine Physician MD, Pediatrics Physician, Trainer of Family Physicians and General Ultrasound).

    The founding members of EUVEKUS want to associate with the main purpose of promoting and developing the use of Clinical Ultrasound among Family Physicians and other Specialist Physicians in the Ambulatory Care as a complement to the clinical examination, for increasing the quality of the medical act, increasing the diagnostic precision , achieving the primary and secondary prophylaxis of the population served, and improving public health by decongesting emergency services in hospitals.

    Our purpose is the realization, development, and implementation of educational and research means, in the field of Clinical Ultrasonography and other new medical technologies currently used in outpatient medicine in Europe countries, by developing and promoting of the Point Of Care Ultrasonography, using modern means of training, implementation, innovation, and research.

    The Association aims to provide useful, practical, current information to all persons - physicians, medical students, specialists in related fields - who want to assimilate these techniques and also to the patients and public as the final beneficiary of the Ultrasound Screening for an early and accurate diagnosis and promoting public health.